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01. Preamble

These formulated terms are intended to define general conditions of sale (means « General Conditions »). They concern the company SOURCES DE PROVENCE and a non-commercial physical person (means « the User »), who would like to purchase on the website www.sourcedeprovence.com

These General Conditions exclusively govern the relationship between SOURCES DE PROVENCE and the User.

By placing an order, the User gives unconditional acceptance and agreement to be bound by these general conditions. Therefore, any terms and conditions to the contrary laid down by the User shall be void in the absence of express acceptance by SOURCES DE PROVENCE. If SOURCES DE PROVENCE does not prevail a Condition at a precise moment, it shall not be interpreted as if SOURCES DE PROVENCE will not prevail any other condition afterwards.

SOURCES DE PROVENCE reserves the right to modify these general conditions of sale at any time and such changes shall be effective when posted on the Site. It is the User’s responsibility to check these general conditions each time the User visits the website.

2.  Products

All Products (means « Products ») are governed by these general conditions of sale are the goods marketed by SOURCES DE PROVENCE on the website www.sourcedeprovence.com. They are sold and sent by SOURCES DE PROVENCE, only within the limit of available product stock. The User may directly review on the website the essential characteristics and precise description as possible of the Products.

Promotional Offers are only available within the limit of time settled by SOURCES DE PROVENCE.

3.  Price

Products prices are expressed in U.S. Dollars or in Sterling Pounds £, tax included, and excluded customs, shipping, handling and other charges. They take into account VAT and eventual discounts applicable at the date of the User’s order.

Any excluded charges are invoiced in addition to the price. This additional charge may vary according to the moment the User places his/her order. Shipment and delivery costs will be listed before confirmation and registration of the User’s order.

Taxes or other contributions, such as environmental contributions, could be generated or revised, upwards or downwards, and could affect on the price of the product sold on the website and other partner websites.

However, a price cannot be modified once the order is confirmed. In case of pricing mistake (e.g. Price is notably derisory in comparison to the real value of the product), SOURCES DE PROVENCE can cancel the confirmed. This is an exceptional case.

4. Order

SOURCES DE PROVENCE remains the owner of the product until the User complete payment of the order.

4.1 – Prior identification

To place an order, the User can register with an email address or login and password. At the first connexion, the User has the choice to create an account within the website.

4.2 – Registration and order confirmation

Once the User’s basket is confirmed, the User has to provide his/her first name, surname, email address, shipping address and shipping and means of payment. This last step formalizes the sale contract with SOURCES DE PROVENCE.

Any incorrect or missing information regarding the User identity and his/her shipping address, discharges SOURCES DE PROVENCE from any responsibility of shipment. Any order constitutes acceptance of the price and description of the products.

SOURCES DE PROVENCE will send a receipt email to the User to acknowledge the confirmed order, including a link towards these present general conditions.

In some cases, particularly for payment failure, incorrect shipping address or any other kind of problem related to the User account, SOURCES DE PROVENCE reserves the right to stop the order until problem resolution.

5.  Means of Payment

The User can pay the order via:

  • Payment Card: Credit/ Debit Card, e-Card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card. The User banking account will be debited after sending of acknowledgement receipt of the confirmed order.
  • PAYPAL account: The User will be automatically directed to his/her PAYPAL account. The order is only confirmed once PAYPAL has approved the payment.

By clicking on the “confirm” button to confirm his/her order, the User fully accepts the order and the entire general conditions of sale. The User’s order is then processed for delivery.

Upon registration of the order, a detailed acknowledgment of the order will be sent to the User email address. This acknowledge of receipt will specify the exact amount invoiced and the terms of order delivery. This acknowledge of receipt implies acceptance of the order and will validate the transaction. The User agrees that the order registration systems, edited by SOURCES DE PROVENCE, are proof of the nature of the settlement payment agreement and its date.

SOURCES DE PROVENCE reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order.

6. Delivery

Delivery delays listed below are not guaranteed during certain periods of heavy business, such as sales periods.

Generally, delivery is by La Poste with «Colissimo» process. The User has the possibility of tracking the order with logging in his/her account on the current website or on LaPoste.fr. For any other question related to order tracking, the User can contact the following number: 00 33 (0) 1 44 18 64 73.

Sales and prices are ex-SOURCES DE PROVENCE premises in France. Products are delivered all over the world according to the User address of his/her choice as indicated during the ordering process. It is the User responsibility to provide SOURCES DE PROVENCES with all the necessary details for the good shipment of the order.

Products risks of loss shall be transferred to the User from the delivery time at SOURCES DE PROVENCE premises.

User will be delivered within an average time of:

  • 2 to 5 days from the reception of the order confirmation send by SOURCE DE PROVENCE for delivery in France.
  • 3-10 days from the reception of the order confirmation send by SOURCE DE PROVENCE for delivery in Europe
  • 5 to 15 days from the reception of the order confirmation send by SOURCE DE PROVENCE for delivery in the rest of the world.
  • At the most within 30 days from the reception of the order confirmation send by SOURCE DE PROVENCE for all deliveries.

Free Shipping on any order over € 70, £ 70 or $ 70, unless contrary mentions on the website.

Shipping fees for all orders below 70 €, 70 £ or 70 $ will be applied following the cost list below and may vary depending on the country:


  • Order from 0€ to 20€: 2€
  • Order from 20€ à 70€: 3€
  • Order above 70€: Free

United Kingdom:

  • Order from 0£ à 20£: 4,50€
  • Order from 20£ à 70£: 7,50€
  • Order above 70£: Free

Europe (except United Kingdom):

  • Order from 0€ à 20€: 6€
  • Order from 20€ à 70€: 9€
  • Order above 70€: Free

Asia & Australia:

  • Order from 0$ à 20$: 12€
  • Order from 20$ à 70$: 19€
  • Order above 70$: Free

America & Africa:

  • Order from 0$ à 20$: 9€
  • Order from 20$ à 70$: 16€
  • Order above 70$: Free

7. Product Return

7.1. The right of withdrawal

The User has a right of withdrawal his/her order within Fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of the reception of your entire order confirmation.

During this period, the User can return at his/her own expense the undamaged and non-opened products, without having either to justify reasons or to pay a penalty.

Products returned must be intact and complete and must not have been used in any way.

The User must then return the Products to SOURCES DE PROVENCE no later than fourteen (14) days after reception of his/her parcel.

By postage to the following address:

SOURCES DE PROVENCE 41-43 rue Saint Dominique 75007 Paris.

SOURCES DE PROVENCE will refund the Product returned to the User, under conditions mentioned above, by any means of payment chosen by the User according to the right of withdrawal at the latest within fourteen (14) days after reception of the parcel.

When the User asks for a partial or total refund of his/her order, shipping fees initially paid while placing order will not be refund by SOURCES DE PROVENCE.

In case of unavailability of one or few products after placing the order, the User will be notified by e-mail. The amount of the order will be recalculated and the difference will be refunded to the User.
7.2. Exchange

The User also has the possibility to request an exchange, within thirty (30) days from reception of the Product. For a product exchange SOURCES DE PROVENCE invites the User to contact the Customer Service, which will indicate the User the procedure to follow.

As a reminder, the return shipping costs remain at the User charge.

SOURCES DE PROVENCE advises the User to check the Products at the time of delivery. In case the Products delivered are non-compliant (product error, defective or damaged product), the User has to communicate its reserves in writing SOURCES DE PROVENCE within three (3) days after the delivery.

8. Product Ownerhsip

SOURCES DE PROVENCE remains the owner of the product until the User complete payment of the order.

9. Responsability

SOURCES DE PROVENCE can not be held responsible for non-performance of the contract in case of stock out or unavailability of the product due to a case of majeure force, total or partial disruption and strike, particularly from postal services, transport means and / or communications, unpredictable and independent of the will of both parties.

SOURCES DE PROVENCE cannot be responsible for all relevant indirect damages.
SOURCES DE PROVENCE cannot be responsible for any loss of data or files. It is the User’s responsibility to make all necessary backups.
SOURCES DE PROVENCE decline all responsibility for:

– all interruption of the website;
– all bugs occurrence;
– all incorrect or omission related to available information on the website;

– all damage resulting from unauthorized or fraudulent use from a third party that lead to an information modification available on the website;

– and generally, all direct or indirect damage, whatever the cause, origin or consequence, including any costs that may arise from the acquisition of products offered on the site, loss of profits, loss of customer, loss of the User’s data or any other loss of intangible property that may occur due to a third person’s access to the website or the impossibility to access to it, or of the credit granted to direct or indirect information from this person .

10. Intellectual Property

Alongside with the law governing the property of literary and artistic rights or any other similar rights, all of the photographs, images, illustrations, texts, slogans, videos, text and other elements appearing on the Site are the exclusive property of SOURCES DE PROVENCE.

Any reproduction and/or integral or partial representation, use, adaptation or alteration of any Trademark or Content, or any one of their components in any medium whatsoever, in any form whatsoever, for any other purpose including commercial exploitation is expressly prohibited.

Any other use, without prior written authorization of SOURCES DE PROVENCE, constitutes infringement and punishable to the title of Intellectual Property regulation.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction court
The sales of products from the company SOURCES DE PROVENCE are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to the interpretation, execution or termination of the contract concluded between SOURCES DE PROVENCE and the User, even in presence of defendant’ plurality, shall be governed exclusively by the courts of Paris, in the absence of an amicable agreement.

12. Data protection and individual freedom

Information collected is submitted to technology processing intended for the management of the User’s order and the sending of information. Recipient of the information is the company SOURCES DE PROVENCE.

The User has the right to access, rectify, oppose and delete his/her own data by sending an e-mail to contact@sourcedeprovence.com or by post at the address: 16 Rue Caffarelli, 75003 Paris.