Source de Provence has a clear vocation.

Design, manufacture and market high-quality care products based on 99% natural formulas essentially guaranteed paraben free, phenoxyethanol free, silicone free and without animal extracts.

By associating dosage, textures and fragrances more refined without substantial addition of synthetic ingredients. these two things are rarely found together : Ultra natural ethics and sophistication, intense pleasure of use. Because it is very difficult to achieve otherwise everyone would. Some big brands are tested but their products still contain a significant amount of synthetic additions. Perfumes and natural skincare Provence, evidence that proves little obvious. Five years of research, investment, tests to achieve this.

Today, thirty high-end products of natural origin, efficient and a great comfort. The choice of an essential component, a source of water taken from Beaupré in the heart of Provence floor in the Massif de la Sainte Baume. Pure water, without any chemical treatment, and naturally rich in magnesium, respecting the cutaneous balance of the most sensitive skin.

Moisturizing formulas developed through this water, on multiple sites in Provence, creams, body lotions, dry oils, solid soaps and liquids, shower gels and bath and hair care without forgetting your facials, your lips and your hands perfumery and care.

Do not forget the few compositions of 18 natural plant essences and perfume that underpin our formulas, all selected in the best houses in the region. A pleasure to use, perfumes natural, racy. Simply elegant. An essential element of our formulas: A pure and unique water in the heart of Provence.

Beaupré water has a magnesium balance. Magnesium is a trace element known for its positive effects for external use on skin, and maintaining hydration and relaxation. It helps to cleanse, soften, protect the signs of premature aging and stimulate the processes of defense and natural skin repair